• Dave Blanchard

Fresh Eyes

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

We all have blind spots; things we don't recognize, understand or admit about ourselves. Sometimes a caring friend can illuminate our positive qualities. The affirmation we receive can put wind in our sails and encourage us forward. Other times, we benefit from a trusted friend who can gently help us with a personal growth area. We may need refining. We may need to adjust those sails more than we realize. In either case, we benefit from outside perspectives from those who care about us and want us to succeed.

Churches are no different. I am convinced many churches have positive qualities and untapped potential they cannot see themselves. I also know from experience that many churches are blind to challenges that threaten their health and vibrancy. In both cases, churches benefit from the insights of fresh eyes on their scenes.

Analytical objectivity and emotional differentiation are nearly impossible to achieve internally among church leaders. When assessing their congregations, even the best leaders struggle to identify potentials for health and disease. Pastors, elders, board members and committees often don't know what they don't know - about themselves or their congregations.

The Contemplative Pragmatist provides fresh eyes for your scene. We will look around together, exploring questions about what makes your congregation unique. Our job is to identify some really amazing things about your church and affirm your congregation. Our job is to discover some latent potential you have for some vibrant and life-giving ministry; maybe some opportunities you can't see with your own eyes. Our job is also to illuminate some growth areas that may threaten the health and Kingdom potency of your church.

Your church can benefit from fresh eyes on your scene. I would be honored to join you for part of your journey. Let me help you see the really good, the potentially awesome and the possibly dangerous things that make your church unique.

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