Contemplative: Deep thought.

Pragmatist: Practical application. 


Dave Blanchard

I help ministers and churches.

My grandfather baptized me as a teenager. My call to ministry came a few years later. Over the last twenty years, I have served churches in Oklahoma, Oregon, Michigan and Texas. My current ministry context is nestled in the valleys of beautiful central Pennsylvania. Youth ministry has been my focus, in the context of larger congregational initiatives. I have taught ministry courses at two universities and presented at a variety of venues during this time. I have learned that ministers and the churches they serve need help - sometimes the kind that is best provided by informed perspectives outside the immediate congregation.

Ministry Apprenticeship

Are you looking for contextualized training in ministry? Academic instruction coupled with on-the-job training? We may have a place for you to serve in central Pennsylvania!

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Have you lost a minister? Are you beginning a search process? Maybe you want to adjust your direction for the road ahead? I would love to join you as a conversation partner to explore strategies and solutions. Every church has blind spots. Let me help you spot them.


Are you seeking direction for your life and ministry? Do you feel isolated or discouraged? Maybe you just need need an outside perspective on some nuts and bolts ministry matters. I would be honored to listen and would love to encourage you forward! 


Are you curious how God might work through you to bless others? Have you considered a future in paid or volunteer ministry and you're ready to explore your options? I am excited to join you as a discernment partner on this journey. Let's talk!


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